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For more than 100 years, Family Guidance Center has worked to create real change in the lives of thousands of local children and families, leading the charge in promoting mental health as an integral component of every person's overall health.

You can see this change in classrooms across 50 schools, and you can see this change in dozens of workplaces. You can also see the results of our work in hundreds of local households as families navigate their journey to recovery from mental illness or substance addiction.

Through innovative state-of-the-art programs, teams of behavioral health professionals are helping consumers with mental illness embrace success at home and avoid hospitalization.

Mental illness is a disease that’s diagnosable and manageable. In fact, mental illnesses like depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD or bipolar disorder are types of medical illness – similar to other chronic physical conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease – that require ongoing professional treatment.

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24-Hour Crisis Line: 888-279-8188